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The Aspiring Collection

The Aspiring Collection

The Aspiring Collection delivers uncompromising performance alongside exceptional quality.


ZQ Certified Merino is Ethical & Sustainable 

Each garment traces its origin to the heart of the New Zealand South. The world-leading ZQ merino certification ensures an incomparable quality of fibre, while reinforcing the all-important values of sustainability and community. ZQ accredited farmers must meet the highest standards of environmental management, farming practices, and animal welfare. 


Aspiring Garments are Perfect For Travel

Merino wool has the innate ability to respond to the body and environment. When encountering heat, merino breathes, keeping the wearer cool and dry. As temperatures drop, merino responds accordingly to keep the wearer warm. Merino wool is also proven to be the best clothing option to naturally combat odour. Enabling you to go longer between washes and in turn increase the longevity of your garment. In addition, innovative spinning technology allows these garments to be machine washable. If that wasn’t enough, merino is naturally crease resistant. Combined, these attributes make merino wool garments perfect for travel. 


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