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Made to Measure Suits

Nothing fits better than a made to measure suit

Made to Measure Suits

With countless cloth, lining, style and detail options available, you can take comfort in knowing that your made to measure suit will be tailored to fit both your body and your personality, perfectly.


The Made to Measure Process

  • 1.  Measuring & Fitting  We’ll take your measurements and study your posture during your first fitting. We provide special training to all of our staff, as well as independent retailers, to ensure your made to measure suit will fit you perfectly.

  • 2.  Fabric Selection Select any fabric from our own, carefully curated selection or from the thousands of fabrics available through cloth merchants such as Holland & Sherry and Reda. After choosing the fabric it’s time to select the lining. 

  • 3.  Placing the Order Once you’ve determined the style and details you desire, your order is processed at Rembrandt’s factory. 

  • 4.  The Pattern A pattern is made based on your unique set of measurements, the style and details you require.

  • 5.  Cutting   Your pattern is used to cut the cloth and lining you selected. All of the individual pieces are then labelled in preparation for sewing.

  • 6.  Sewing  Skilled machinists (with nimble fingers) sew more than 160 pieces of cloth, lining, canvas, etc together, with more than 18,000 stitches, to produce a single suit.

  • 7.  Finishing Touches The final touches such as buttons and buttonholes are added to your suit.

  • 8.  Pressing  Pressing a suit is a complex process; each part of the garment including the pockets, shoulders and lapels, are pressed on specially designed machines.

  • 9.  Quality Control Your suit isn’t complete until we’ve given it a final check, it will only be delivered once we’re satisfied that it’s perfect.

  • 10.  The Final Fitting  Your suit is ready for you to collect from the store. Occasionally we’ll make one or more small alterations, but most of the time it’s ready for you to wear and enjoy.



Made to measure suits start from NZ$1250.  Find a Rembrandt Made to Measure specialist.