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From fibre to fabric

From fibre to fabric.
Reda: From fibre to fabric Ever wondered how wool becomes fabric? Our good friends at Reda have produced this video showing the process, starting with raw wool (some of which comes from New Zealand) right through to fabric, ready for us to craft into suits, jackets and trousers. Read more

A word from Italy

A word from Italy.
Our Design manager and Managing director have changed seasons for a couple of weeks, travelling to Europe in search of inspiration and exquisite new cloths for future collections. Here is a small glimpse of what they've seen on their journey. ( Pictured above are vintage flannel fabric books in... Read more

We Love Italian Fabrics

We Love Italian Fabrics.
Italy is synonymous with design excellence across many disciplines, including men’s fashion. That’s why Rembrandt’s design team travel to Milan, the men’s fashion capital of the world, each season to source fabrics from the best Italian fabric mills. Every February and... Read more

S is for Selvedge

S is for Selvedge.
Selvedge refers to the edges of fabric, specially woven so that it doesn’t fray. “Woven selvedge” (as shown in the photo) includes the name of the fabric mill and features of the cloth. The term is also commonly used in reference to premium jeans that are cut with the out-leg seam... Read more

R is for Reda

R is for Reda.
Reda and Rembrandt have a special connection; Reda is the only Italian fabric mill with their own sheep stations in New Zealand, which means that if you buy a Rembrandt suit made with Reda fabric, you’re wearing a little piece of New Zealand... Read more

Vitale Barberis Canonico

Vitale Barberis Canonico .
It’s no secret that we love beautiful fabrics (call it an occupational hazard) and some of the most beautiful fabrics are woven by “The Mighty Barberis”. This short film is a great insight to one of the greatest Italian fabric mills…enjoy! Vitale Barberis Canonico-full... Read more

B is for Biella

B is for Biella.
North of Milan, near the base of the Alps is Biella, home to the best Italian weaving mills. Water is an essential ingredient in the manufacture of fine woollen fabrics and nowhere is the water more clean and pure than the Biella region.

Reda: Weaving

Reda: Weaving.
This is the sound of a loom at work. Amplify that by more than a hundred and can you start to understand the noise in this particular room! To most people, this is the process of turning yarn into fabric, but in reality it is only the start of the journey. From here the fabric goes through the... Read more

Displaying 1 - 8 of 12 results

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