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Pure cashmere. Pure luxury.

Pure cashmere.  Pure luxury..
Cashmere goat. The fibre. Cashmere goats live predominantly in the mountainous areas of Mongolia and China. The harsh climate means they produce incredibly warm and light wool. This wool is combed from them in spring each year as they moult. On average, each goat produces only 300g of fibre each... Read more

M is for Micron

M is for Micron.
The diameter of wool fibres is expressed in microns (µ) with one micron being one-millionth of a metre. Every fleece contains wool that spans a large range of fibre diameters, typically between 10µ and 25µ, so growers are always trying to produce wool with the lowest average... Read more

C is for Cashmere

C is for Cashmere.
Cashmere is perhaps the most famous luxury fibre – its incredible softness and insulation properties make cashmere garments fantastic to wear. Mongolia is considered the supplier of the world’s best Cashmere, which is combed from Cashmere Goats as they moult once each year... Read more
Displaying 1 - 3 of 3 results
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