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From fibre to fabric

From fibre to fabric.
Reda: From fibre to fabric Ever wondered how wool becomes fabric? Our good friends at Reda have produced this video showing the process, starting with raw wool (some of which comes from New Zealand) right through to fabric, ready for us to craft into suits, jackets and trousers. Read more

Pure cashmere. Pure luxury.

Pure cashmere.  Pure luxury..
Cashmere goat. The fibre. Cashmere goats live predominantly in the mountainous areas of Mongolia and China. The harsh climate means they produce incredibly warm and light wool. This wool is combed from them in spring each year as they moult. On average, each goat produces only 300g of fibre each... Read more

A word from Italy

A word from Italy.
Our Design manager and Managing director have changed seasons for a couple of weeks, travelling to Europe in search of inspiration and exquisite new cloths for future collections. Here is a small glimpse of what they've seen on their journey. ( Pictured above are vintage flannel fabric books in... Read more

Italian Footwear Collection

Italian Footwear Collection.
Italians are as famous for their footwear as they are for their fabrics, so when it came time to develop our first footwear collection , we naturally called on the Italians to help us out. Made in Italy by a small family business, they feature leather uppers, leather lining and leather soles. We... Read more

G.Lorenzi: A Milanese Keepsake

G.Lorenzi: A Milanese Keepsake.
I first visited Milan in February 2007. Exploring the city centre on my first day I was struck by a small boutique on the corner of one of the most exclusive streets, surrounded by international designer stores, the store was called G. Lorenzi . G. Lorenzi is a family business, opened in 1929, it... Read more

It Takes Guts to Wear a Knitted Tie...

It Takes Guts to Wear a Knitted Tie....
...but then they used to say that about pink shirts. There's nothing like a knitted silk tie to make any outfit look both relaxed and sophisticated. It's a sure fire way to make even the most classic suit look fresh, or the most casual jacket look chic. Designed by Rembrandt and knitted in... Read more

Reda Celebrates 20 Years in New Zealand

Reda Celebrates 20 Years in New Zealand.
Most of you will know by now that we think Reda make some pretty amazing fabrics . These fabrics include merino wool from their three high country sheep stations in the South Island of New Zealand. This weekend Reda celebrated 20 years in New Zealand with an al fresco Italian lunch at Otamatapaio,... Read more

Camo in the City

Camo in the City.
Camo is making big moves from bohemian-army-surplus-chic to cool and creative tailoring. We've taken this trend and interpreted it in a chic and sophisticated way, as you've come to expect from Rembrandt. This camo tie is made in New Zealand from Italian cloth, we've produced a very... Read more

Displaying 1 - 8 of 19 results

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