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How To Make Your Work Suit Race Ready

How To Make Your Work Suit Race Ready.
Come race day, your picks for fashion are just as important as your bets. Perhaps you’re keen to extend your race day investment further than at the tote this year and purchase a new suit , and by all means, be the first out of the gate. Select a suit from our ready-to-wear collection or have... Read more

Style Q & A - Chris Harford

Style Q & A - Chris Harford.
Our retail staff know our clothes better than anyone else, so we thought we would ask them for their tips on how to dress this season. Here's some advice from Chris: Lives: Wellington. Role at Rembrandt: Retail and Hire Manager. What's the best thing about your job? It's difficult to... Read more

The Rembrandt Lapel Pin

The Rembrandt Lapel Pin.
For hundreds of years kings & soldiers have worn flowers as a symbol of the fragility of life, the beauty of nature and as a reminder to live each day to the full. These days a flower worn on the lapel is usually reserved for weddings and race meetings; both occasions on which men make an... Read more
Displaying 1 - 3 of 3 results
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