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A word from Italy

A word from Italy.
Our Design manager and Managing director have changed seasons for a couple of weeks, travelling to Europe in search of inspiration and exquisite new cloths for future collections. Here is a small glimpse of what they've seen on their journey. ( Pictured above are vintage flannel fabric books in... Read more

Reda Celebrates 20 Years in New Zealand

Reda Celebrates 20 Years in New Zealand.
Most of you will know by now that we think Reda make some pretty amazing fabrics . These fabrics include merino wool from their three high country sheep stations in the South Island of New Zealand. This weekend Reda celebrated 20 years in New Zealand with an al fresco Italian lunch at Otamatapaio,... Read more

W is for Wool

W is for Wool.
When we refer to wool in the context of tailoring, we are usually referring to the wool from Merino sheep. Unlike hair, wool has both scales and crimp. The scales make wool easy to spin while the crimp traps air, making wool excellent for insulating you from both cold and hot temperatures. Read more

M is for Micron

M is for Micron.
The diameter of wool fibres is expressed in microns (µ) with one micron being one-millionth of a metre. Every fleece contains wool that spans a large range of fibre diameters, typically between 10µ and 25µ, so growers are always trying to produce wool with the lowest average... Read more

K is for Knitwear

K is for Knitwear.
What’s not to love about knitwear? It’s soft, warm, comfortable and perfect for layering over a shirt and under a jacket; it’s best when made from pure merino wool, as all Rembrandt knitwear is. In Medieval times the island of Jersey (one of the Channel Islands between Britain and... Read more
Displaying 1 - 5 of 5 results
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