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The Perfect Fit

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The Perfect Fit - Jacket Sleeve Length

The Perfect Fit - Jacket Sleeve Length.
Just Right The sleeve of the jacket finishes right on the wrist, allowing about half an inch (1-1.5cm) of shirt cuff to show – it’s a rule of thumb that’s timeless. Too Short The sleeve stops well above the wrist and as a result there is a lot of shirt showing. People might think... Read more

The Perfect Fit – Seat

The Perfect Fit – Seat.
In the world of tailoring, your posterior (bottom, bum, arse, etc) is actually known as your “seat”. We still make our trousers using traditional methods, with inlays at the centre back and inleg, that allow us to achieve the perfect fit for your seat, even if our tailors have to make a... Read more

The Perfect Fit - Jacket Waist

The Perfect Fit - Jacket Waist.
Just Right With the top button done up, the jacket fits close to the body, without being tight. The result is a slim, flattering silhouette. Too Small The jacket pulls at the button when done up, causing the jacket to ride up a little and distorting the lapels as a result. The overall impression is... Read more

The Perfect Fit - Shoulders

The Perfect Fit - Shoulders.
Just Right The shoulder line is straight and extends just far enough that the sleeve skims past your bicep. Too Small The shoulder line is pulled out of shape and the sleeve cuts in above your bicep. Too Big There is excess fabric across the top of the shoulder and the top of the sleeve extends... Read more
Displaying 1 - 4 of 4 results
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