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Steven Adams - suited for success

Steven Adams - suited for success.
We fitted basketball star Steven Adams with his first tailor-made suit, just before his departure to the United States where he is making a name for himself playing in the NBA. After putting on his Rembrandt made to measure suit , Steven exclaims “I feel like I could do anything right now... Read more

How To Make Your Work Suit Race Ready

How To Make Your Work Suit Race Ready.
Come race day, your picks for fashion are just as important as your bets. Perhaps you’re keen to extend your race day investment further than at the tote this year and purchase a new suit , and by all means, be the first out of the gate. Select a suit from our ready-to-wear collection or have... Read more

Beautiful game. Beautiful suits.

Beautiful game. Beautiful suits..
We are proud to have supported the Wellington Phoenix from the beginning as their official tailor. And this season is no different, once again we have tailored the the team in beautiful suits in support of the beautiful game. Here is a peek from behind the scenes as they are fitted with their new... Read more

How to ensure your groom looks as good as you do

How to ensure your groom looks as good as you do.
Your wedding day is your day to shine but you also want your groom to look a million dollars. You could leave it to him to surprise you on the day but to be certain you are surprised in the right way, here are our top 3 tips. Amelia and Ollies' wedding. Dressed by Rembrandt Newmarket ... Read more

Summer Cool

Summer Cool.
Summer has arrived and it's a scorcher! For these conditions linen is the ideal choice; it feels cool to the touch and cool to wear. Linen has always been perfect for unlined jackets. After all, when the temperature rises you need a fabric that helps you feel cool and a jacket that's as... Read more

A Winning Match

A Winning Match.
When the Wellington Phoenix are off the field, they look great in their Rembrandt suits, shirts and ties. It’s easy for you too to have the winning match! The winning match: In only four simple steps… 1. Take one pure wool black herringbone Cooper suit jacket in slim fit. 2. Match it... Read more

Alone on Valentine's Day?

Alone on Valentine's Day?.
Alone on Valentine's Day? Don't fret! Check out our tips for bachelors... Top 10 Tips for Bachelors 1. Be confident. 2. Make an effort - learn how to tie a tie . It’s the little things that will impress the ladies (or gentlemen if you’re that way inclined). 3. Don’t be... Read more

It Takes Guts to Wear a Knitted Tie...

It Takes Guts to Wear a Knitted Tie....
...but then they used to say that about pink shirts. There's nothing like a knitted silk tie to make any outfit look both relaxed and sophisticated. It's a sure fire way to make even the most classic suit look fresh, or the most casual jacket look chic. Designed by Rembrandt and knitted in... Read more

Displaying 1 - 8 of 16 results

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