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The Essentials - Long Weekend Away

The Essentials - Long Weekend Away.
Labour weekend is the perfect opportunity to get away, just make sure you pack a few essentials to ensure you’re suitably attired, without being under, or over, dressed. Start with a pair of chinos ; they’re as relaxed as jeans but easier to dress up if you need to look respectable for... Read more

The Essentials – Black Tie Event

The Essentials – Black Tie Event.
Many men will go their entire lives without ever receiving a “black tie” invitation. For those who do, it will likely be the most formal event they ever attend and the most formally dressed they’ll ever need to be. Therefore it is incredible to think that before World War I the... Read more

The Art of Tailoring

The Art of Tailoring.
This season, Rembrandt celebrates the skill, craftsmanship and creativity that are part of every Rembrandt garment. Rembrandt Sartorial is the pinnacle of the ready-to-wear collection, featuring the finest fabrics (all from Italy, of course) and a new and improved level of construction known as... Read more

Summer Cool

Summer Cool.
Summer has arrived and it's a scorcher! For these conditions linen is the ideal choice; it feels cool to the touch and cool to wear. Linen has always been perfect for unlined jackets. After all, when the temperature rises you need a fabric that helps you feel cool and a jacket that's as... Read more

The Perfect Fit – Seat

The Perfect Fit – Seat.
In the world of tailoring, your posterior (bottom, bum, arse, etc) is actually known as your “seat”. We still make our trousers using traditional methods, with inlays at the centre back and inleg, that allow us to achieve the perfect fit for your seat, even if our tailors have to make a... Read more

A Winning Match

A Winning Match.
When the Wellington Phoenix are off the field, they look great in their Rembrandt suits, shirts and ties. It’s easy for you too to have the winning match! The winning match: In only four simple steps… 1. Take one pure wool black herringbone Cooper suit jacket in slim fit. 2. Match it... Read more

Trouser Fit: More Good Advice

Trouser Fit: More Good Advice.
Last week we posted a video with advice on how a suit should fit. Here is the follow up video about trousers. Read more
Displaying 1 - 7 of 7 results
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