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A word from Italy

A word from Italy.
Our Design manager and Managing director have changed seasons for a couple of weeks, travelling to Europe in search of inspiration and exquisite new cloths for future collections. Here is a small glimpse of what they've seen on their journey. ( Pictured above are vintage flannel fabric books in... Read more

Inside Max Bernardini's World of Luxury

Inside Max Bernardini's World of Luxury.
This is a fascinating short video about a purveyor of vintage luxury goods (including watches) in Milan. Keep an eye out for his collection of vintage menswear illustrations from the same source as the ones we featured here a few weeks ago. The Road To Basel Episode 6: Inside Luxury Vintage With... Read more

Vintage Menswear Illustrations: Part 2

Vintage Menswear Illustrations: Part 2.
Yesterday we posted some great images found during our last trip to Milan - including a mid-century Italian style guide - today we’re posting the translation of that style guide. We’ve kept the language purposefully flamboyant - if you’ve visited Italy you’ll be able to... Read more

Vintage Menswear Illustrations: Part 1

Vintage Menswear Illustrations: Part 1.
One of the great bonuses of travelling to Milan to buy fabrics is the vintage section of the Milano Unica fabric fair. Although the focus is mainly on vintage women’s fashion, it’s possible to find some fantastic menswear references as well - like these amazing mid-century illustrations... Read more
Displaying 1 - 4 of 4 results
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