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One suit, four ways

One suit, four ways

One suit, four ways.

Despite the move to a business casual dress code in most workplaces, a good suit remains at the heart of a versatile wardrobe. We’ve put together a few ideas to help you make the most of your sartorial investment.


Dress to Impress.
A perfectly-tailored suit, shirt and tie make a powerful statement and in today’s workplace will often make you the best-dressed man in the room.


Modern Classic.
The suit worn sans tie is the new normal, if this is your style just remember to add a pocket square, it helps to add colour and draw the eye towards your face, in much the same way a tie does.

Alternatively, ditch the shirt entirely and simply wear a fine merino crew-neck jersey or tee. Top it off with a pristine pair of minimal sneakers for a look that combines the best of classic tailoring and the modern influence of streetwear.


Business Casual.
Don’t forget your suit jacket, even on days when jeans or chinos are appropriate. As you can see above, it’s an ideal combination for almost any occasion, whether business or pleasure.

The key here is that your suit jacket is not so formal that it looks out of place with jeans. If it does, changing the buttons to something a touch more casual is often all that’s required.


No Jacket Required.
Suit trousers, particularly if the fabric is a check, are a great option for days when a jacket isn’t required. Worn with knitwear and casual footwear, they elevate an otherwise casual look.