Pure cashmere. Pure luxury. | Rembrandt Suits

Pure cashmere. Pure luxury.

Pure cashmere. Pure luxury.

Pure cashmere.  Pure luxury..



Cashmere goat.

The fibre.

Cashmere goats live predominantly in the mountainous areas of Mongolia and China. The harsh climate means they produce incredibly warm and light wool. This wool is combed from them in spring each year as they moult. On average, each goat produces only 300g of fibre each year. It’s no wonder the fibre is so precious.


Cashmere fabric from Italian mill Tollegno.





The fabric.

We buy pure cashmere cloth from Tollegno, a famous Italian fabric mill established in Biella, Italy, in 1900. Tollegno spin the fibre into yarn and then weave the fabric to order for Rembrandt.



The jacket.

Our pure cashmere Monaco jacket has a soft shoulder pad and a more relaxed construction than a suit. It is wonderfully warm, soft and comfortable. Whether worn for business or pleasure, it’s the ultimate expression of relaxed luxury.