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Suit Care - Return on Investment

Suit Care - Return on Investment

Suit Care - Return on Investment.

For most men, buying a new suit is an investment and like most investments, you want to maximise your return. The following tips will help improve the life of your garment.


Hanging Your Garment

Do hang your suit in the bathroom while you shower (especially when travelling) as the steam will help any creases fall out.


Let it Rest

There are two ways to ruin a perfectly good suit; the first is by wearing it too often, the second is by cleaning it too often.

Just like your shoes, belts & underwear, your suit should never be worn two days in a row. The fibres need time to relax back into shape to perform their best.


Drycleaning Your Suit

Unlike your underwear however, your suit doesn’t need to be cleaned every time you wear it. Drycleaning uses very harsh chemicals so we recommend you dryclean your suit twice a year.


Everyday Suit Care

In between times you can also take care of your suit by doing the following:

Brushing: using a natural bristle clothes brush to remove any lint or small particles of dirt will help you avoid the need to have your suit drycleaned.

Airing: hanging your suit outside (but out of direct sunlight) will leave your suit fresh & free of any odour.

Spot cleaning: if you spill something on your suit your drycleaner should be able to clean that particular spot rather than having to dryclean your whole suit.

Pressing: if your suit isn’t looking as sharp as it usually does then ask your drycleaner to press it for you, just make sure there aren’t any spills on it before you do or the pressing will set them in place.

And lastly, here is my own personal tip to keep your suit looking its best; take it out of your wardrobe and hang it in the bathroom while you shower in the morning; the steam will help any small creases fall out. This is a great tip to remember if you’re travelling!