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What to wear to a Black Tie event

What to wear to a Black Tie event

What to wear to a Black Tie event.

Black Tie events are the most formal most men are likely to attend. The whole point of the black tie dress code is that the wearer shouldn’t stand out from the crowd: respect for the dress code is a gesture of respect for your host.
The strict criteria for Black Tie can seem daunting but this is actually what makes it such an easy outfit to plan and wear.  

Here are our essential Black Tie tips:

  • When it comes to Black Tie, less is always more. If in doubt, stick with the classics.
  • Wear a dinner suit, not a black business suit. A dinner suit has a contrast facing on the lapels and braid on the trousers. The trousers should have side adjusters, not belt loops.
  • Your waist should be covered with either a cummerbund or a waistcoat. If wearing a cummerbund, choose one that complements the facing of the jacket and remember that the pleats face upwards (historically this is where you’d stash your opera tickets).
  • Your shirt should have a front made of either Marcella (a textured cotton) or plissé (fine vertical pleats) and have either studs or a fly front to cover the buttons. A wing tip collar is acceptable although technically this collar should be reserved for wearing to white tie events. Cufflinks are essential.
  • Wear a bow tie. This point isn’t up for debate. Ideally, you’ll tie it yourself, but for those of you who aren’t confident doing so a good quality pre-tied bow will suffice. Again, the tie should complement the facing of the jacket.
  • Keep your accessories simple. Plain black oxford shoes are best (polished, of course) never brogues. Wearing a watch is traditionally frowned upon since your attention should be devoted to the event, your host and fellow guests. If you do wear a watch, keep it slim and elegant, on a black leather strap.


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